has shutdown on 2nd December, 2019.
It had been running since December 2018 pretty well with lots of users with each being very supportive. I took the decision to take down dogeflip because:

A. FaucetHub decided to shutdown it's microwallet operations.

B. Secondly, I could've moved on to a newer microwallet provider however, that would've had made me restart all over again. Advertising again and growing whole new reputation once again. Also, it never provided me like A REALLY SOLID earning. I only made a profit of ~$0.5 to $0.75 a day (and much less towards the last months, because of fh api restrictions). It was awesome daily passive income regardless, although pretty low.

C. Thirdly, I want to focus on projects beyond the faucet industry which pay WAYYY better. I'm a co-founder at Bit-Silk Investments and I'm very excited about the project's future as it becomes paid and automatically trades our profitabel crypto trading signals automatically for other users for a very nominal membership fee. The project has huge benefits for each party and is growing rapidly all the time.

So yeah, I hope y'all understand. If you ever want to talk to me, add me on discord, SnaY#2015 and I may still look at at times. Best wishes for everyone for your awesome future life. And DogeFlip ends here.